The Eye of Amun

The Eye of Amun by V. K. Finnish

The Discoveries of Arthur Grey, Book 3  |  Available for PREORDER.

Who knows what you’ll find buried beneath the sands?

The ancient Book of Thoth has been hiding from humankind for thousands of years. Not even the Investigators of the Historia Society have been able to find any hint of it. So, when thirteen-year-old Arthur Grey gets to Egypt and finds a collection of lucky charms, he feels luck is in his favor for being the one to discover the mysterious Book. That is, until the sly Rheneas Berne shows up again. Now, instead of discovering anything—even about how to control his finicky Guardian powers—Arthur finds himself surrounded by enemies and threatened no matter where he turns.

Can Arthur’s new charm bring him enough luck to find the Book of Thoth? And is it worth it if he loses his friends and gets kicked out of the Society in the process, or worse . . . brings destruction down on the entire realm of Guardians?

About the Author

Once upon a sixth grade, V. K. Finnish started a writ- ing career by writing stories instead of studying in math class. Fortu- nately, the teacher understood. Be- sides writing, Finnish has always enjoyed hiking, traveling, taking photos, and pretending to know how to draw. All of those things can be done quite easily in the Rocky Mountains, where the author lives with family and too many pets.

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