The Minotaur Riddle

The Minotaur Riddle by V. K. Finnish

The Discoveries of Arthur Grey, Book 2  |  Available now.

Welcome to Elysium Island

The Spyglass Squad is back at Historia, and an exciting year is waiting for them. This time twelve-year-old Arthur Grey is kept busy discovering the real legends and artifacts behind ancient myths. But the most exciting experience is Historia’s thrilling olympic games this year. That is, until new mysteries start cropping up. Strange rumors surface on the island of Crete, and a spiteful investor shows up pretending to have help for Historia.

Even as it becomes more obvious that the Historia Society is the target of a villainous plot, everyone is too afraid to do anything about it. Now, Arthur and his friends dig themselves into monstrous trouble while trying to save Historia, and they can’t solve this riddle alone. But who can—or will—help?

About the Author

V. K. Finnish has been writing adventure stories since middle-school and still loves it, even after trying out other jobs like cake-decorating, office-managing, editing, and sales. Besides writing, Finnish has always enjoyed reading history, hiking, traveling, and taking photos. All of those things can be done quite easily in the Rocky Mountains, where the author lives with family and too many pets.

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“Again Finnish hooks young readers from the very first page . . . and gives middle-grade readers exactly what they are looking for: action, adventure, and relatable characters.”

Kirkus Reviews

“Finnish is a dedicated, inventive author, and many young fantasy devotees will find this novel intriguing.”


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