The Society’s Traitor

The Society’s Traitor by V. K. Finnish

The Discoveries of Arthur Grey, Book 1  |  Available now.

What if all the stories are True?

Eleven-year-old Arthur Grey has always wanted to be a hero, and a day has not ended right if he hasn’t dug for treasure, plotted to stop thieving magicians, or written clues in his trusty notebook. But the real excitement begins when he’s sucked through a transporting doorway and makes an amazing discovery: an entire society that investigates the truth behind all the legends and myths we’ve always thought were just stories.

Now Arthur is launched into an adventure that takes him all the way to the mountains and jungles of Peru in search of a mysterious dragon-bird and the fabulous secret it guards. The problem is . . . someone else is after it, too. Arthur’s chance to be a hero has finally come, but first he has to convince others of the truth before it’s too late.

About the Author

V. K. Finnish has studied history, editing, and literature with great enthusiasm. Currently, Finnish continues historical and mythological studies, volunteers for the local school library, and travels.

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“The characters are likable, entertaining reading companions. . . . A treat for young readers with a thirst for adventure and magic.”

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“Fantasy-loving young readers will be hooked from page one, waiting eagerly to unlock the secrets of this world.”

“Finnish’s storytelling is brilliantly crisp.”


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